Open the door and come on in. Here you'll find links to
free short and graphic stories. Eventually maybe some
animated films if I can ever learn how to work my sound
editing software correctly!

Files are PDF's that will open in a new tab. Feel free to
save and share any stories that you like free of charge.
I only ask that you let others know from whence they came.
Here's a couple of free stories from what will one day be a
graphic novel series titled After Night Falls. My skills are
currently in the building stage, so I figured I'd just give
away some practice stories for now. I hope you enjoy them.

Assailant Beware
An armed robber gets more than he bargained for when he victimizes
a grieving father.
My Failed,IMO, attempt at a graphic story about a man left home
alone who comes face to face with his worst fear. Supposed to be a
little funny, but I don't think it came out like I wanted.
All The Things I've Got To Remember
I don't really have a  description for this one yet. It was in my head
after seeing Deadpool 2 and hearing the accoustic version of Take On Me
for the first time. The scene where Wade and Vanessa were temporarily
reunited inthe afterlife got trapped in my brain. The only way to get
beyond it was to write this.
Click the link below to read. File will open as a PDF in a new tab.