Jerry W. Hawkins is a writer with a day job. He lives in California
with his girlfriend, who works very hard to keep him in line, a
fish with no name and a stray cat that comes around for milk every
now and then. He has more kids (one biological the rest by
marriage/relationships) than he can count. He also has grand kids
enough to form a rather strange looking football team. He blames
them for the patches of grey hair on his head and in his beard.

His mind is often in the world of his various characters unless
he's driving, making love or eating. Though in reality driving and
eating often contain random thoughts of characters and strange

He writes Dark Urban Fantasy, Crime and Horror in the formats of
short stories, novels, screenplays and graphic novels.

He has served in the U.S. Army (long ago) as a Military Police
Officer where he saw many parts of the world he did not wish to

He likes good company, good food, shooting his firearms, cigars and
Jameson Whiskey and the outdoors (although he needs to get in
better shape before summer hiking season arrives). He longs to live
in the wide open spaces of Wyoming and hopes to one day soon update
his bio to reflect such.

He also talks about himself in third person when he is writing his
About Me
Pulp tip #2: “Don’t look back.
Just keep writing.” – Christa
Faust, Writer. Fetishist. Pulp
I'm very proud of being a hack.
It's why I've lived as long as I
have, I think. - Stan Lee